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We are training consultants on the mineral industry and the principal point of contact for government, media and the public. As such, we play a vital role in ensuring that the contribution of the mineral industry to the economic and social development of the province is understood and appreciated.

Agropet Nig Ltd plays a key role in promoting the African’s mineral potential by providing opportunities for members to participate in major national and international mineral industry events, such as Roundup in Vancouver and the PDAC International Convention, Trade Show and Investors Exchange in Toronto.


To deliver accessible professional development, training and technology to the African mining community at an affordable price, with emphasis on distance learning and collaboration with educational institutions and professional associations, to enrich the mining education and training experience.


To aid the growth of the mining industry for the economic and social development of all the people of Africa and to make New foundland and Labrador the best place in the world to develop a mine.